Chaise Bench

Materials: Walnut & 1018 Steel


One of my first ventures into wood and metal at RISD culminated in this chaise bench. I used unfinished 1018 steel laser cut from a single sheet to create the frame structure and Walnut to create the struts.  The box at the end of the chair was made to hold grass allowing the individual a soft place to rest their head.

2011FA.Senior.LazerBench2.Linder-Haber_Josh copy.jpg

Reclaimed Cabinet

This reclaimed cabinet uses recycled and upcycled materials and elements in a sustainable manner.  Repurposed Pepsi containers were used as draws with a Wenge wood inlay customized to hold this whiskey set. The outer frame was made from a discarded Cedar wood closet along with Oak from a table being thrown away.  This project based on the repurposing of materials shows the value of raw materials after their intended product life cycle has ended.


Speaker Design

Material : Wallnut, Zebra Wood , BASF fiber 


I designed these two speakers at RISD, one as a personal project using Walnut, Zebra wood and ebonized Oak. The second was made using composite, Acrodur® molded fiber and wood.  The fiber produced by BASF chemical company made of 72% natural fiber with a eco-friendly water based resin as a binding agent.